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Hi, I'm Neel. I'm of East Indian decent. I was born in the United States and lived in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Texas and Florida. However, I spent most of my life in Mississippi. The only people that have known me my entire life since birth are my mom, dad, and 3 older sisters.


Here I will be discussing my formal education.

As of Spring 2012 I have graduated with my A.A. from an accredited institution having completed Chemistry I & II; Organic Chemistry I & II; Physics with calculus I & II; Zoology and Microbiology . I have studied mathematics through Calculus I & II. I intend on creating/editing life through genetic manipulation. I intend on continuing my education until I am a licensed physician.

I am also am working on my private pilots license and I make an effort to get flight hours in my log book whenever possible. I intend on continuing my pilot training at least until I have obtained my instrumented, multi-engine, and turbo jet ratings. Which means I will be able to fly jets as the pilot in command. :o). I intend on doing some wilderness exploration via STOL (short take off and landing) aircraft. These airplanes sometimes called bushplanes can take off and land in less than 200 feet.

Places I've Lived

I was born in Virginia, moved to Pennsylvania in the 1st grade and then to Mississippi in 1988. I moved to Milton, Florida in May 2008. I have spent about 1 year of consolidated time in the Houston, Texas area.

Summary of Self

Science and experimenting are at the core of my being. I can justify anything if placed in the context of an experiment. I study gymnastics and break dancing as these are two activities that are signature of the evolutionary steps in one's ability to master their body.

I consider myself to be a hero ready to be called to action at any moment. I think and react with a keen sense of justice to protect those in need. I don't succumb to herd mentality or diffusion of responsibility when I am witness to an injustice or disaster strikes. Occasionally, I showcase my physical abilities for your entertainment or educational purposes:

Hobbies and Personal Interests

Art, Science, Business, musical instruments (guitar/piano/chimes), cooking/dining, building stuff, photography, robotics & automation, welding and fabricating, stunts, skating, biking, parkour, freerunning, gymnastics, break dancing, non-fiction books, lucid dreaming, wood carving, genetics, real estate, architecture, renewable energy, electrolysis, water purification, moving large heavy objects, echo location, chaos theory, flight, super human abilities, pleasure


I am a generally a healthy eater and am weed, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine free. Not because I'm a prude, but because I know its in the best interest for me and my potential mate/family. I generally drink only water, not from concentrate juices, or milk. I eat all kinds of animal proteins but I prefer chicken, fish and seafood.

I love Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek, American, and Soul food to name a popular/familiar few. I also have eaten and enjoyed Lebonese, Cuban, Cajun, Egyptian, Polish, and Irish foods.

Different things I have eaten include: duck, rabbit, lobster, crab legs (dungeonous, king, snow, blue, jonas), octopus, chicken, turkey, liver, beef, pork, fish (salmon, cod, orange ruffie, flounder, trout, snapper, grouper, etc. etc.), scallops, oysters, frog legs, artichoke, asparagus, star fruit, pomegranate, blueberries, huckleberries, mango, kiwi, pear, apples, plums, oranges, satsumas, chicken embryos, capers, pine nuts, sushi, crawfish, soymilk, jellyfish... plus lots of other stuff I will add to this list later.

Funny and Humorous Me

Yes, I can be ridiculously funny and I even enjoy stupid funny too. I will do anything to make my mate or my friends laugh out loud and if you are hysterical I will keep doing it. :o). I also have intelligent humor that you might say/think "that's funny" but not laugh out loud.

I am self aware and see that one might find humor in this very website as people may think I am socially retarded being so candid. But, hey, I think that's funny too. :oD.

How I Regard My Mate

I regard my (future) mate as the single most important person in the universe. There is no one (not a family member, friend, job, etc.) that can or should come in between us. I will support her to the best of my ability, and she will eat the healthiest of foods. We will together on common goals (most importantly raising super genius children) and be supportive each of each other's personal goals so we both feel fullfilled in all aspects of our lives.

Family Planning Pets

I would like to father children of my own someday to be raised by my partner and I in an old-fashioned, two parent, loving home. However, I do sometimes wonder if there is a biological advantage to having countless illegitimate children and dodging all associated responsibilities that comes with bearing offspring.

I like dogs. I have studied cats and have concluded that they are not healthy or appropriate pets.

I would be open to having an elephant or falcon for pets. Also, I would consider a chimpanzee, ape, or bonobo provided we can teach him/her sign language and how to use a computer, and maybe cut the grass.

In My Mind

From an early age, I have been fascinated by the unexplained, natural wonders and man's extraordinary abilities and achievements. These are examples things I think about often and cause me great wonder:

-Iron Pillar of Delhi
-Megalithic Structures
-Coral Castle
-Ion Lifter Technology
-Crop Circles
-Human Echolocation
-Human Calculators
-Honey Bees

Current Music Preferences

I appreciate many different kinds of music (including classic rock, foreign, rap, hiphop, country, new age, classical, instrumentals ). It all depends on my mood. However, I recognize that one should listen mostly to upbeat and instrumental music such as trance, techno, triphop, euro, breakbeats, etc. The reasoning for this is that music effects one's mood. I would like to be in the best mood possible, as often as possible.

I also enjoy classical, jazz, orchestrated, some new age music, and nature sounds.


Here are just a few of some of my recent and past projects. I will add to this section as time permits.

This is a mini greenhouse that I designed and built in 2009 all for less than $200 in materials. Experimental and portable architecture is a passion of mine. The angles I used to create maximum interior volume was inspired by the honey bees for it is these same angles they use to maximize volume of their honey combs.

This is another small building that I personally designed and welded from steel in 2006. The objective here was to build a ridiculously strong yet portable utility building that could be covered with non or conventional building materials and also be completely modular, stackable and interlocking. The website it is listed on below is a project in itself to share building plans and ideas for non-conventional and experimental building techniques.

This is a device I created and dubbed "The Sanghi Appliance'. I originally built the prototype for this device in 1997. In 2007 I revisited the project to repackage it into a utilitarian enclosure as well as creating Internet and cellphone interface(s) for it. The device itself is great for rapid prototyping of electronic or electromechanical systems of up to 8 processes/devices/functions (and up to 256 devices using additional hardware) per one 8-bit parallel port. Applications for this device are infinite such as automation, robotics control, and advanced power management.

Sanghi IT Labs Mini Operating System for web-centric computing. This project was conceived and developed in 2005 when high speed internet and wireless connectivity such as 1xRTT (predecessor to 3g) was starting to be widely available. I felt a growing need to free myself from dependency on one particular workstation and 'smart' phones at that time were no substitute for a computer. The Mini OS allows one to turn any web enabled device into their personal computer work station to access, store and manipulate files and process data using the power of an entire webserver.

World's smallest, portable, practical grill. I made this tiny grill using recycled materials. For the most part it consists of an old vegatable can and a a cut up soda can, some rivets, bolts and a wooden dowel. One can reach over 165F inside a 1╝" filet mignon using just 2 coals. This temperature is the minimum recommended safe temperature to cook pork. That's right, one can cook an entire single serving portion of meat (or grilled veggies if you wish) on exactly 2 coals.
I have personally used this tiny grill while in my aluminum rowboat. It truly is portable and practical.


-Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards
-Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
-The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
-Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest M. Mimms III
-The Welder's Handbook by Richard Finch

Movies - NonFiction

In general I prefer comedies, super-hero, sci-fi, survival (man against nature) and non-fiction movies. Most of the films I watch are in English, however, occassionally I watch some foreign and multilingual films. I also enjoy a few animated, cg, claymation and alternate media films. The following is a partial list of my favorite films:

-Carl Sagan's Cosmos
-Alby Mangels World Safari Series I, II, III
-The Future of Food
-The Vanishing Bees
-King Corn
-Mind over Money by Nova
-For All Practical Purposes with Sol Garfunkel
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